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The Community of Practice is constituted by a group of local and regional governments, as well as experts, academics and public institutions and representatives of international city networks interested in discussing and advancing joint solutions, learning opportunities and exchange of public policies on issues of Open Government.

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Open Government Partnership (OGP)

Multilateral initiative that brings together government reformers and civil society leaders to create action plans that make governments more inclusive, responsive and accountable. The Open Government Partnership was formally launched at the United Nations General Assembly by 8 founding national governments and 9 civil society partners. Since 2011, 79 OGP participating countries and 20 subnational governments have made over 3,100 commitments to make their governments more open and accountable. The OGP Local program aims to harness the innovation and momentum demonstrated by local governments and civil society partners across the world.


Local Government and Decentralization Unit of UN-Habitat

This paper has benefited from the support of the Local Government and Decentralization Unit of UN-Habitat that supports local governments and their associations, working closely with both central and territorial governments to establish mechanisms of dialogue, to exchange best practices and to support projects for the empowerment of local and regional governments through a fair distribution of responsibilities and resources. It works closely with local governments in delivering access transparent, efficient and inclusive public services. Its role is to develop normative and operational frameworks, to share experiences and disseminate best practices on local governance, democracy and access to basic services.